About BNBGuard

Increase your knowledge of short-term holiday rentals in your region with BnbGuard. 

Developed in partnership with councils of australia to increase revenue opportunities with tourism compliance & legislation.

short term holiday rental data specialists

BnbGuard is 100% Australian owned and operated with over 40 years of experience in the short-term rental market. 

Our advanced data scraping technology identifies unregistered holiday listings to support councils with short-term rental data strategies in a growing accommodation sector.

In a moving short term holiday rental landscape, our experienced monitoring team provide property listing data with evidence based reporting to support councils in high tourism regions. Our data scraping technology offers insights to all major portals saving thousands in resources per year to capture increased revenue opportunities and tourism accommodation statistics.  

"Take control of your short term holiday rental listings in your local government area or strata building with bnbguard. valuable data & insights to help you monitor listings, compliance & regulations and increased revenue"